Monday, April 18, 2016

Legislative Action Today! One last push!

Email blitz today, Monday, April 18th!  Choose the best time for you:  11am - 1pm OR 5pm-7pm.
*If you don't see this notice until Tuesday, then choose one of these windows on Tuesday.

Easy steps:

STEP 1:  Copy & paste the following to the legislative members below:

SUBJECT LINE:  Your own variations of "Will you support Gifted Education?" or "Will you support Arizona's gifted students?"

EMAIL BODY:  We are grateful for the funding for Advanced Placement in Gov. Ducey’s proposed budget.  We are a minority-majority state, in that the majority of Arizona students are minority students.  Funding gifted education for K-12 will help teachers identify and prepare minority gifted students as well as students across all socioeconomic backgrounds.  This will ensure a pipeline of students who are ready and able to be successful in high school AP classes.  There is the old adage of "Don't put the cart before the horse."  Funding gifted education for K-12 allows the state to put the horse before the cart.

This funding is very important to the parent education community in the East Valley.  If placed in this year's state budget, as our elected official will you support gifted education?

Thank you for your service.


STEP 2:  Send to the email addresses below.

STEP 3:  Forward to family, friends and teachers!

Central Mesa
Rep. “Rusty” Bowers (R) - LD 25          
Rep. Justin Olson (R)  – LD 25             
Senator Bob Worsley (R)  – LD 25        

Central Gilbert/SE Chandler/Queen Creek
Rep. Warren Petersen (R)  – LD 12      
Rep. Eddie Farnsworth (R) – LD 12      
Senator Andy Biggs (R) - LD 12                     abiggs@azleg.gove

West Gilbert/East Chandler
Rep. JD Mesnard (R)  – LD 17             
Rep. Jeff Weninger (R)  – LD 17          
Senator Steve Yarbrough (R)  – LD 17 

East Mesa/Apache Junction
Rep. Doug Coleman (R)  LD 16            
Rep. Kelly Townsend (R)  – LD 16        
Senator David C. Farnsworth (R) – LD 16

Central Chandler/Tempe
Rep, Bob Robson (R) - LD18    
Rep. Jill Norgaard (R) - LD18    
Senator Jeff Dial (R) - LD18     

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