Tuesday, June 20, 2017

SOS Arizona!

Gilbert Supporters of the Gifted is committed to letting you know about legislative action that can impact gifted education.  There is currently a state-wide education issue that is likely to affect Gilbert Public Schools and gifted education within GPS.  

In April, the state legislature with the support of the governor, passed an ESA (voucher) expansion bill.  This expands the previously strict participant qualifications to only one:  first-come, first-served until the annual cap of applicants is reached. Enactment is scheduled to take place this August.

ESAs pull money from the general fund, which impacts all public schools -- district and charter. When district funds are cut, districts often feel the need to cut gifted education support in order to make ends meet. 

Save Our Schools Arizona (SOS Arizona) has gathered bi-partisan support across the state for a referendum to the law that expands ESAs (vouchers).  If enough signatures of registered voters are gathered by the end of July, then the enactment of this law will be put on hold until the voters of Arizona can vote on it in the November 2018 election.  95% of Arizona students attend public schools.  If this issue gets on the ballot then we and our educators will have a voice on this issue.

Go to the SOS Arizona website to request/find a petition near you.  Do you have questions about this issue?  Want a simple way to get involved?  Visit this link to the FAQs on the SOS Arizona website.

Time is of the essence.  Thank you for your support on this critical issue.