Sunday, July 31, 2016

From AAGT's July 2016 newsletter ...

AAGT is the Voice of Arizona’s Gifted and Talented Children! And we are actively working on their behalf with State Legislators to restore funding for gifted education in the State.   Restoring funding will provide professional development for teachers, and provide resources, programs and services important in the whole education of our gifted students!  Your support and active involvement is needed!
How you can help right now-
-Attend precinct meetings leading up to the primary election and ask the question of the candidates, “Would you be in favor of restoring funding for Gifted Education in Statute?”
-Find out the names of Legislators in your District.  Email or call them.  Tell your story of why restoring funding is important to you.  Ask to see each one in person and consider bringing a gifted student(s) along with you.  Continue to be in contact with your State Senator and Representatives so you can help each one be an informed supporter of restoring funding for gifted education.
-Register to attend the AAGT Parent Institute on September 17, 2016.  This is a great opportunity to network with others about parenting and educating gifted children.  In addition you will hear more about our initiatives to raise awareness about the learning differences of gifted students and the avenues we will be pursuing to restore funding to support educational opportunities commensurate with our gifted students’ advanced abilities.
YOU are important.  Do not underestimate the difference YOU can make!
Please join us!
Hope to meet you soon!
Donna J. Campbell, President

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How to Talk About Giftedness Part 5 of 5 - Bill of Rights for Parents of Gifted Children

Recap of the January 2016 Gilbert Supporters of the Gifted Guest Lecture 
How to Talk About Giftedness - PART 5, concluding segment
Bill of Rights for Parents of Gifted Children

Inspired by the NAGC’s Gifted Children’s Bill of Rights, Lisa Van Gemert created a Bill of Rights for Parents of Gifted Children and posted them on her blog.  Click here for her blog post.

This concludes our series of blog posts, “Bringing Giftedness into Daylight.”  These posts were based on our January 2016 Guest Lecture.  We hope you will join us a future guest lectures.  We also hope that you feel more educated and empowered as an advocate of your gifted child.