Sunday, April 10, 2016

FINAL LEGISLATIVE ACTION NEEDED! Participate in Email Blitz Monday, April 14th, 11am - 1pm!

To family & friends of east valley gifted kids,

The AZ legislature is wrapping up its budget negotiations THIS WEEK.  We have been working with AAGT and we have organized an intense email blitz to take place Monday, April 11th, during the lunch hour of 11am – 1pm.  This is our LAST CHANCE to get gifted education included in the state’s 2016-17 budget!  The impact of East Valley voters CANNOT be overstated.  Let’s FLOOD our reps with emails to show them there are families and friends of gifted kids in their legislative district!

EMAIL SUBJECT LINE:  Put "gifted" in the subject line with a variation on the wording, such as:   "Support for Gifted Education" OR "Support our gifted students" etc.

We are grateful for the funding for Advanced Placement in Gov. Ducey’s proposed budget.  Funding gifted education for K-12 will ensure there will be a pipeline of students ready and able to be successful in AP classes.

This funding is very important to the parent education community in the East Valley.  As our elected official we ask that you support gifted education.

Thank you for your service.


  1. Please do whatever it takes – set an alarm on your phone or calendar – to participate in this targeted email blitz Monday, April 11th, during the lunch hour of 11am – 1pm. 
  2. Copy and paste the above email and send to your representatives.  Their emails are listed below.
  3.  Forward to families, friends and teachers, asking them to participate in this targeted email blitz on Monday, April 11th, during the lunch hour of 11am – 1pm.

Let’s do this!

Stephanie Newitt
President, Gilbert Supporters of the Gifted

Central Mesa
Rep. “Rusty” Bowers(R) - LD 25          
Rep. Justin Olson(R)  – LD 25             
Senator Bob Worsely(R)  – LD 25        

Central Gilbert/SW Chandler/Queen Creek
Rep. Warren Petersen(R)  – LD 12      
Rep. Eddie Farnsworth(R) – LD 12      

West Gilbert/East Chandler
Rep. JD Mesnard(R)  – LD 17             
Rep. Jeff Weninger(R)  – LD 17          
Senator Steve Yarbrough(R)  – LD 17 

East Mesa/Apache Junction
Rep. Doug Coleman(R)  LD 16            
Rep. Kelly Townsend(R)  – LD 16        
Senator David C. Farnsworth(R) – LD 16

Central Chandler/Tempe
Rep, Bob Robson(R) - LD18    
Rep. Jill Norgaard(R) - LD18    
Senator Jeff Dial(R) - LD18     

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