Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Gifted Education in Arizona - Article Series from NPR

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Beginning today, you will be introduced to NPR articles about gifted education in Arizona.  

Arizona has not funded gifted education since 2009-2010.  Arizona has a majority-minority school populationmeaning only 40 percent of students classified as White in 2014, according to the Arizona Department of Education (ADE).  

Gifted, But Still Learning English, Many Bright Students Get Overlooked

Article #1 -  From April 11, 2016 – NPR Ed by Claudio Sanchez

"Of the 3 million students identified as gifted in the U.S., English Language Learners are by far the most underrepresented. And nobody knows that better than 17-year-old Alejandra Galindo.
"It's just kind of hard to not see people who look like me in my classes," she says. "I'm a minority in the gifted world."
Alejandra is a senior at North Canyon High School in Phoenix. Before she was identified as gifted, she was identified as an English Language Learner, or ELL. You know, those kids who are often assigned to separate classrooms while they learn English. That was Alejandra. ..."
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Share this article with family, friends and educators.  Encourage them to find and contact their legislative representatives at the link provided, asking that they support gifted education in Arizona: How to find your legislator 

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