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There is still a chance for the $500,000 in the 2018 budget, IF we can influence enough Legislators by reminding them of the immediate need for funding! Please continue your phone calls and emails to the House and Senate Appropriations Committee members!

Representative Carter and Senator Brophy-McGee are also working on negotiations for the 2019 budget. There is momentum right now and it is important to communicate with the Legislators on the Appropriations Committees and flood the Governor’s office with emails and phone calls
regarding the 2019 budget.

Email and call the House and Senate Appropriations Committee members and flood the Governor’s office with emails and phone calls. Also include tags in your social media posts!

The message is:  
Please recognize the need to respond to the unique learning differences of gifted students with identification, programs and services by beginning a path forward in 2019 for gifted funding.

Tell the Governor how much you appreciate his support! Dawn Wallace has been supportive of gifted education in our conversations with her.  Please thank Dawn as well!

Governor Doug Ducey:  602-542-4331 (click on “Contact us”)

Senior Advisor to the Governor for Education & Strategic Initiatives:
Dawn Wallace / 602-542-1316

Thank you for your support of gifted education!

Donna J. Campbell, AAGT Advocacy Chair

Senate Appropriations Committee
  • Debbie Lesko (Chair) (LD 21):
  • John Kavanagh (Vice Chair) (LD 23):
  • Sylvia Allen (LD 6):
  • Olivia Cajero Bedford (LD 3):
  • Steve Farley (LD 9):
  • Katie Hobbs (LD 24):
  • Steve Montenegro (LD 13):
  • Warren Petersen (LD 12):
  • Martin Quezada (LD 29):
  • Steve Smith (LD 11):

House Appropriations Committee
  • Don Shooter (LD13):
  • David Livingston (LD22):
  • Lela Alston (LD24):
  • Russell Bowers (LD25):
  • Mark Cardenas (LD19):
  • Heather Carter (LD15):
  • Ken Clark (LD24):
  • Regina Cobb (LD5):
  • Charlene Fernanadez (LD4):
  • Randell Friese (LD9):
  • Vince Leach (LD11):
  • Jill Norgaard (LD18):
  • Tony Rivero (LD21):
  • Michelle Ungenti-Rita (LD23):

Other leaders to contact:
  • Senator Steve Yarbrough (LD17), President of Senate
  • Senator Kimberly Yee (LD20), Majority Leader
  • Representative J.D. Mesnard (LD17), Speaker of the House
  • Representative John Allen (LD15), Majority Leader

Thank you for your Support!

These legislative districts lie within the boundaries of Gilbert Public Schools.

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