Thursday, November 10, 2016

GSG New Website Hi-Lights: Advocacy, #2 in our series

The Gilbert Supporters of the Gifted website has been updated! 

The ADVOCACY page includes:
  • When advocating for our gifted child, what information is good to have?  This page includes guidance on what information to gather about your gifted child to show his/her genuine needs.
  • How do you talk to other people who don't understand the gifted world?  Tips on how to talk about giftedness
  • How can I help my gifted pre-teen or teen learn to develop self-advocacy skills?  How can these skills benefit students?  Resources are included on this page to help you guide your gifted tween or teen in developing these helpful skills.
  • Is every student the same?  An incredible real-life analogy from the Air Force explains the "Myth of Average."  Don't miss this Tedx Talk by Todd Rose. 

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