Monday, June 27, 2016

How to Talk About Giftedness Part 4 of 5 - The Gifted Child's Bill of Rights

Recap of the January 2016 Gilbert Supporters of the Gifted Guest Lecture 
How to Talk About Giftedness - PART 4
The Gifted Child’s Bill of Rights

In parts 3 and 4 of this series, we have given you tips on debunking common myths that surround giftedness.  When you turn the myths around, you have the Gifted Child’s Bill of Rights -

Gifted children, you have a right to -
  • know about your giftedness.
  • learn something new every day.
  • be passionate about your talent area without apologies.
  • have an identity beyond your talent area.
  • feel good about your accomplishments.
  • make mistakes.
  • seek guidance in the development of your talent.
  • have multiple peer groups and a variety of friends.
  • choose which of your talent areas you wish to pursue.
  • not to be gifted at everything.

The Gifted Child’s Bill of Rights was created by Del Siegle, NAGC president (2007-2009).

Stay tuned for part 5, the final segment in this series – Bill of Rights for Parents of Gifted Children

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