Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Parent’s Point of View: The 2e Journey

This article by Dr. Dan Peters is from the archives of the Summit Center
Even though I work with children and families as a professional psychologist, I am first and foremost a father to three children. My experiences in raising them has informed my work greatly. Some people may not know that and for this very reason, I decided to share an article about my own experience as not only a psychologist, but also a dad. This piece originally ran in the 2e Newsletter.

I am sitting at my oldest child’s pre-school, attending the last teacher conference. Her kind and veteran teacher is telling my wife and me that our daughter is not picking up her numbers and letters as she should for kindergarten readiness. The teacher suggests we have her evaluated for a learning disorder. Although I evaluate kids for that exact issue, I tell my wife that our daughter is young, her teacher is over-reacting and she will be fine. After all, our daughter is creative, imaginative, and says things and asks questions that are beyond her years.

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